With Your Horse

Covid 19 will have a long term effect on our lives – and the way we spend our holidays will be very different in the future. Over seas travel is not going to be possible (or maybe even affordable!) for sometime – so we need to adapt and change – there can be silver linings….. Planning a holiday with your horse might just be one of those silver linings!

Some suggestions could be:

  • A road trip and travel Australia
  • One destination – with awesome options to ride
  • A family holiday – with options to keep everybody happy
  • A small intensive clinic – lessons in the morning and exploring in the afternoon
  • Luxury accommodation – ride in the morning – and non-horsey activities in the afternoon.
  • Go away in a group of friends, or a significant other!

Which ever way you do it – explore our beautiful country!

How it works

 Just fill in the search form for what you would like and up will pop options and contact details!

There are a wide range of options – from just camping sites through to luxury houses. Some areas may not be able to offer both on one site – but they have been encouraged to team up with nearby local accommodation providers to make it easy for you.