Find Agistment

Agistment Finder   is a huge time saver – enabling you to be matched with the facilities that offer exactly your requirements.  

Simple, Quick and Easy


How it does it work?

Our Agistment Providers – both private and business fill in an extensive, but quick and easy questionnaire based on what they offer – and that can vary from simply a paddock with no care arrangements, to full care in a large Agistment Centre with all the bells and whistles – and everything in-between! When seekers complete our simple questionnaire – using filters and simple tick boxes you are instantly matched and provided with a directory type listing of matches from which to choose.


You can make your search as broad or as defined as you like. From all agistment options within a location, or refine your search depending on your requirements. 

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for you can simply refine your search to find properties that meet your requirements – for example, you might not find an indoor arena available in a lower budget option.