Frequently Asked Questions

From Providers of Agistment

I have a small lifestyle property and have a spare paddock available, but I don’t want to look after any stock – is there any demand for this type of agistment? 

Yes – there are people who want to look after their own horses – and this type of agistment is very much in demand, because it is hard to find.


I have my own horses and great facilities – but could do with a bit extra income and have space available for 1 extra horse – can you help me?

Yes – that’s a great idea – and its also good for safety – having someone else around if things go wrong. It can also be fun –  someone else to ride with!


I’ve got my own property – I don’t really want  permanent agistees – I do like the idea of short term holiday agistment, but I don’t have any accommodation available, can I still offer the holiday agistment?

Sure, but even better would be to source some nearby accommodation with, for example a B&B business – and work out a package deal between you. I’m sure they would welcome the extra business – so it would work well for all parties.

Who is looking for agistment? Would I fit their criteria?
There are lots of different types of people need agistment for different types of horses, for many reasons……

  • Weekend pony club rider
  • Economical basic Agistment
  • Treasured companion’s final retirement home.
  • Recreational rider
  • Spelling

Are just a few examples.


I’ve got my own property – what would be some options I could offer?

There are lots of options – it just depends on what suits you!

  • A private paddock – with the owner of the horses taking full responsibility for their care
  • Sharing facilities – with someone else – and sharing the care
  • Taking on the full care of a retired horse
  • Short term holiday care
  • Short term agistment with accommodation either on site or nearby for people travelling with their horses.


I like the idea of having my property featured on the Home Page – how do I organize this?

The featured properties on the Home page change every 3 months – they give people looking for agistment a sneak peek at what we have available – anybody visiting the site can click on the picture and get a direct link to your Directory listing, they don’t need to be a member – so its great exposure. Just register your interest by contacting us and letting us know which photo from your Directory you would like to use we will set it up! There is a small monthly fee of $10 – a small price for great exposure!


Is it secure – I don’t want all my information all over the internet?!

Yes! The only information that is given to the Seekers is what you put on your Directory listing. Your questionnaire information remains private.


I’m a coach – Id like to run small intensive residential clinics – would this work for me?

It would be fantastic! Pick a location and find accommodation that caters for the numbers you require – and the facilities you need. Lessons in the morning – and trail riding in a beautiful location in the afternoon – sounds like perfect cross training – and brilliant mental therapy for both you and your horse!

From Seekers of Agistment

I am a competitive rider and I work full time – I need an Agistment Centre that has top of the range facilities and good care options for when I am working. I also enjoy the social side of being involved in a large Centre – can you help me?

Yes – simply identify your requirements via a series of tick boxes, and all the large Centres, with the facilities/care you require will pop up, with more information and contact details.



I am looking to buy a horse in the near future – can I find what agistment is available near my home? I’m not sure what I’m looking for and the costs involved?


Agistment Finder is perfect for research – you can easily find what is available in your area and what is right for you – and make an informed decision on budget requirements. If you are new to horse ownership Id recommend somewhere that runs clinics, or has an instructor on site – somewhere that has that bit of extra help and support. Good luck with your endeavors!


I love the idea of taking my horse on holiday! How does this work?

Simply figure out where and what you would like to do – and type in the location and options will pop up! If you can’t find anything in the area you are looking let – contact us – and we will see what we can do!